Nebulostore - a P2P storage system.

Nebulostore - P2P storage system. Distributed under GNU LGPL v3. the main github repository; and the tests.

developer info

We use trac for the project wiki and tickets.

Other developers will review your code before it is merged into the project. We use Gerrit for code reviews following the developer's guidelines. We use sonar to keep the code (reasonably) clean and jenkins for automated builds and tests.

Kademlia in Java

Kademlia routing implemented in Java. Tested on 100+ planet-lab hosts.

dfuntest: a java framework for distributed functional tests

dfuntest: A simple framework for creating distributed functional tests. This library aims to be for distributed functional tests what unittest libraries are for unit tests. It provides equivalent of test scenarios, runners, initializers and dealocators in such a way that it is easy to configure new testing environment, generate a report etc..

enterprise backup on unreliable machines

Our prototype implementation of back-up on a large number of machines: the software and the paper.