Krzysztof Rządca
Principal investigator
mimuw email
Institute of Informatics
University of Warsaw, Poland
Jadwiga Kańska
Master student

Jadwiga was a MS student at Oslo University (Socrates-Erasmus grant). Currently, she is working on privacy-aware data access and addressing for interaction between nebulostore and PeerSoN.

Piotr Malicki
Master student

Piotr does his MSc on reliable data storage and communication. He did his BSc in 2012 at the University of Warsaw.

Szymon Matejczyk
PhD Student

Currently studying for a PhD in Computer Science. Previously an intern in UBS London Office and Accenture in Warsaw. In nebulostore, he works on managing replica placement by implementing game theoretic mechanisms.

Grzegorz Milka
Master student

Grzegorz develops network communication modules and Planet-Lab tests. He was intern in the PeerSon team at KTH, Stockholm; and at nVidia.

Łukasz Siczek
Master student

Łukasz does his MSc on making nebulostore cryptographically safe.

external collaborators

Anwitaman Datta
Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore
Sonja Buchegger
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden


Rafał Hryciuk
Master student

Rafał did his MSc on distributed data transmissions. After graduating, he joined Goldman Sachs.

Bolek Kulbabiński
Master student

Bolek did his MSc on managing replication space. He also contributed the threading and task management designs. After graduating, Bolek joined Facebook.

Marcin Walas
Master student

Marcin worked on nebulostore's network communication, code architecture and data structures. He did his MSc thesis on privacy-aware distributed query mechanism. After graduating, Marcin joined Google.

Piotr Skowron
PhD student

Piotr did his PhD at the University of Warsaw on resource management in distributed systems. After graduating, Piotr joined Google.